Natalia Magnat

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Natalia Magnat
Natalia Magnat
Premier of the Soviet Union
In office:

5 Oct. 2000 - 26 Dec. 2002

Preceded by Victor Glushkov
Succeeded by Andrey Kolganov
Leader of the Communist Party (Left Faction)

5. Oct 2000 - 19 Feb. 2003

Preceded by Victor Glushkov
Succeeded by Aman Tuleyev
Deputy to the Congress of Soviets from Moscow
In Office:

25 Dec. 1993 - 12 June 2006

Preceded by Viktor Anpilov
Succeeded by Alexander Rutskoy
Born 5 Nov. 1954 (age 65)

Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Nationality Russian


Alma mater

Moscow State Pedagogical University

Occupation Politician
Political Party Communist Party (Left Faction)