Andrey Kolganov

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Andrey Kolganov
Andrey Kolganov
Premier of the Soviet Union
In office:

26 Dec. 2002 - 12 June 2006

Preceded by Natalia Magnat
Succeeded by Garry Kasparov
Leader of the Communist Party (Right Faction)

12 Oct. 2000 - 1 July 2006

Preceded by Jacques Camatte
Succeeded by Geydar Dzhemal
Deputy to the Soviet of Nationalities from the RSFSR
In office:

5 March 1993 - 3 Aug. 2014

Preceded by Gennady Yanayev
Succeeded by Viktor Tyulkin
Born 22 May, 1955 (age 64)

Radekstaat, New Judean SSR, Soviet Union

Nationality Russian


Alma mater

MSU Faculty of Economics

Occupation Politician, Economist
Political Party Communist Party (Right Faction)