Mayan Act

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The 1922 Mayan Act saw the Mayan populations of Mexican Yucatan expelled to Chan Santa Cruz or el Peten by the emergency military junta in order to prevent revolts or another Mayan uprising, this movements were often done with violence and the Mexican army commited several war crimes to the mayan population, which only cultivated more hatred and divide between the mayans and mexicans

Mayan Village Established in Chan Santa Cruz after being kicked out of Mexico
Village Established by the fleeing mayans in Chan Santa Cruz

Causes[edit | edit source]

The Yucatanese War of Independence, also known as Yucatanese Zapatista Uprising or as the Cruzoob Revolt saw the Humiliating defeat of mexican troops to untrained mayan militias, armed with old rifles, which revived mayan nationalism in the east, the recent cristero left the country vulnerable to attack by Chan Santa Cruz in order to reclaim this territories, leading to the emergency junta passing the act, and paying vigilantes and using secret police to burn down villages and force the population out, trying to settle people more loyal in the Yucatan with economic incentives and cheap (often free) housing and land, showing similarities to the Rancho System on California.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

This would see the creation of an organized mayan militia seeking the liberation of the yucatan, the Chan Santa Cruz sponsored E.P.L.Y (Ejercito Popular para la Liberacion de Yucatan), who would carry out attacks and terrorist acts including car bombing, shootings, assassination of public officials, illegal road blocks and establishing their own autonomous comunes until the 1964 Yucatanese Bush War