Yucatanese Bush War

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Mexican Troops on car in the Yucatan on rural trail
Mexican Troops in unknown location on the Yucatan

The yucatanese bush war developed from 1964 to 1969, and would see extensive guerilla fighting in the mayan jungle carried out by mexican troops and mayan militias, later the army of chan santa cruz over the control of the western yucatan peninsula, which would see the expansion of mexico into the central yucatan and belize, the war marked one of the major attacks of the mexican wars against socialism and a turning point against various guerillas and political parties sponsored by the USSR and the cruzob

Before the War[edit | edit source]

The yucatan had suffered from various events, such as the expell from mayans from the big cities into other countries or undeveloped areas, leading to the creation of various socialist militias, the biggest being the Ejercito Popular de la Liberacion de Yucatan, funded by Chan Santa Cruz and the USSR, who often engaged in terrorist acts such as the bombing of Merida's Bus Terminal and Airport or the Government Palace Shooting of 1962, leading to millitary response intensifying in the cities and rural communities, the install of a brief segregational system, which lead to a denouncement from chan santa cruz and the militarization of the border, mexico quickly follows,scaling the crisis , with the US sending equipment, helicopers and volunteers to Mexico while the USSR sends Economic aid and Equipment.

Eruption of the War[edit | edit source]

On the 13th of March, at 16:00 Hours, a border skirmish escalated after a Mexican helicopter got shot down by an RPG, Mexico sent and ultimatum which was denied, a conference was later held in the city of Richmond between the Mexican and American ambassadors, where the war decision was aproved as a way to "Counter the Socialist Influence of the Continent"

Events[edit | edit source]

The war saw a widespread use of Helicopters and a way for american and USSR generals and advisors to study war on a thick jungle, it also saw testing ground for many new weapons and technologies, which helped for the greater development of the war industry and technology of both states

List of Important Events:[edit | edit source]

1964[edit | edit source]

  • March 12th: War Officialy Declared
  • March 30th:The E.P.L.Y. Takes the port of Progreso.
  • April 8th:Major Chan Santa Cruz offensive repelled by Mexican Frontline
  • June 16th: Cozumel taken by Mexican Navy, blockade is declared with help of the US Navy.
  • September 17th:Mexican Navy takes progreso, E.P.L.Y General Jose Pech captured
  • September 18th: E.P.L.Y. bombards Campeche with russian missile, causing the US to send more volunteers
  • December 24th: Christmas Offensive launched by Chan Santa Cruz fails, counter-attack by Mexico Ensues

1965[edit | edit source]

  • January 24th: E.P.L.Y. Outpost on a slum in Merida capitulates, freeing the city from the E.P.L.Y
  • March 15th: E.P.L.Y Launches counter offensive in El Peten, extending the frontline
  • May 3rd: the E.P.LY army in el Peten Collapses after Mexican Encirclement
  • October 2nd:Mexican offensive takes Holzuz and encircles Nizuc

1966[edit | edit source]

  • February 2nd:a E.P.L.Y series of attacks in Mexico City sees 3 american ambassadors dead, 5 Mexican Politicians dead, and 3,567 Civilians wounded or killed
  • February 23d: Washington would increase its support to mexico, sending them bombers and more jeeps and helicopters.
  • April 2nd: CIA Operative finds and capture E.P.L.Y Leader Horacio Canul, extraditing him to Guantanamo Bay and rupturing the E.P.L.Y
  • April 23rd: The recently separated E.S.D.P.Y (Ejercito socialista del pueblo Yucateco) would execute all of the Mexican and American POWs
  • August 5th:Hoh Kah encircled by Mexican troops
  • November 2nd:3,500 Chan Santa Cruz Troops surrender in Nizuc, the city collapses.

1967[edit | edit source]

  • July 4th:Car bomb detonated in New Orleans by the E.P.L.Y
  • November 3rd: Hoh Kah Capitulates, the USSR threatens intervention if any more land is taken

1968[edit | edit source]

  • Janruary 3rd: Negociations held in Nizuc
  • January 18th: War ends with mexico annexing southern belize and more parts of the yucatan