Alexander Buzgalin

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Alexander Buzgalin
Alexander Buzgalin
Chairman of the Congress of Soviets

22 Nov. 2014

Preceded by Pavel Grudinin
Deputy to the Congress of Soviets from the Novosibirsk Oblast

Assumed Office: 2 Nov. 2010

Preceded by Vladimir Gorodetsky
Born 19 July 1954 (age 65)

Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

Nationality Russian


Alma mater

Moscow State University

Occupation Politician, Economist, Academic
Political Party Communist Party (Right Faction)

Alexander Vladimirovich Buzgalin (born July 19, 1954) is a Russian Marxist and current chairman of the Congress of Soviets. He previously was a professor of economics at the Moscow State University, but retired in 2008. He soon moved to Novosibirsk and has been a deputy representing the city since 2010.

Buzgalin was born in Moscow on July 19, 1954 to his parents, Nina and Vladimir. He entered the Moscow State University in 1971, graduating with a degree in Economics in 1976 and becoming a professor there in 1979. He continued to teach and advise several premiers, particularly Victor Glushkov and Andrey Kolganov.

Buzgalin retired from his academic life and moved to Novosibirsk in 2008. He involved himself with politics full-time, and ran as a deputy for the CPSU-R in the 2010 election against then-incumbent CPSU-F Politician Vladimir Gorodetsky, an election he won by 20% of the vote. Despite his inexperience within the Supreme Soviet, Buzgalin was tasked by Premier Bo Xilai to draft many of the economic bills that would lead to the re-nationalization of almost every sector of the economy that was privatized under Garry Kasparov, which helped stabilize the economy and lead to gradual recovery from the 2008 Global Recession by the late 2010's.

Despite his close working relationship with Xilai, Buzgalin later played a significant role in the premier's impeachment in 2014. As a result, the Congress of Soviets voted to nominate him as the legislature's chairman, emphasizing his work ethic, technocratic competence, and ability to work with all factions of the Communist Party. However, some allege that Buzgalin helped ensure the CPSU-R would back the impeachment proceedings against Xilai in return for the chairmanship of the Congress, as previous chairmen accumulated years of experience within the Congress before even being considered for the nomination.

During his time as chairman of the Congress of Soviets, Buzgalin has mostly focused on introducing economic legislation to help with the USSR's recent cold turn against the USA, specifically to increase funding for the technological sector of the USSR, such as AI development.