1984 United States presidential election

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1984 United States presidential election

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Nominee Jeane Kirkpatrick Jack Kemp Jimmy Carter
Party America First Republican Progressive
Home state Maryland New York Georgia
Running mate Donald Rumsfeld Paul Laxalt Jesse Jackson
Popular vote 36,264,174 33,077,351 23,327,845
Percentage 37.4% 34.1% 24.0%

President before election

Jeane Kirkpatrick
America First

Elected President

Jeane Kirkpatrick
America First

Candidates[edit | edit source]

Republican Candidates[edit | edit source]

Jack Kemp Pete Du Pont Paul Laxalt Gerald Ford Lloyd Bentsen
Senator from New York Governor of Delaware Senator from Nevada Governor of Michigan Senator from Texas
Won nomination W: June 2
(endorsed Kemp)
W: April 30
(endorsed Kemp)
E: April 13
(no endorsement)
W: March 26
(endorsed Du Pont)