Progressive Party (United States)

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Progressive Party
FoundersTheodore Roosevelt
Hiram Johnson
Robert M. La Follette, Sr.
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Eugene V. Debs
Founded1912 (108 years ago)
Split fromRepublican Party
HeadquartersWashington D.C., U.S.
Student wingYoung Progressives
Youth wing
  • Young Progressives
  • High School Progressives
Women's wingProgressive Women
LGBT wingLGBTQ+ Progressives
Overseas wingProgressives Overseas
Membership (2020) 62,692,003
Social democracy
Democratic socialism
Left-wing populism
Political positionLeft-wing
Colors  Green

The Progressive Party is one of the three main contemporary political parties in the United States alongside the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. The party's platform is centered on progressive social and economic policies, including affordable housing, environmental awareness, workers' rights, and racial and gender equity. The party also advocates for increased government intervention in the economy, including higher taxes on the wealthy, the creation of a federal jobs guarantee, and the establishment of a public banking system.