Varlam Shalamov

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Varlam Shalamov
Varlam Shalamov
Premier of the Soviet Union
In office:

13 June 1970 - 3 Jan. 1978

Preceded by Pyotr Masherov
Succeeded by Valery Sablin
Leader of the Communist Party (Left Faction)

30 Jan. 1970 - 2 April 1980

Preceded by Larissa Reissner
Succeeded by Nadezhda Joffe
Born 18 June 1907

Vologda, Russian Empire

Died 17 Jan. 1982 (aged 74)

Moscow, RSFSR, Soviet Union

Alma mater Moscow State University
Nationality Russian


Occupation Politician, Journalist
Political Party Communist Party (Left Faction)