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August 16, 1840: The failure of the HMS Britomart to reach Akaroa eventually leads to the South Island being permanently colonized by France. (New Zealand)

August 10, 1879: Thanks to the proposals of former US president Ulysses S. Grant, the year following the Japanese annexation of Ryukyu the Japanese and Qing government reach an agreement where the Amami Islands are handed over to Japan while the rest of the Ryukyus is reverted into an independent kingdom. Japan also receives favourable trading rights with China. (Japan)

September 16th, 1884: After negotiations to diplomatically resolve the border dispute fail, Guatemala invades Mexico. (Mexico)

November 15th, 1889: After removing Prime Minister Viscount of Ouro Preto from power at the request of young republican officers, Deodoro da Fonseca Sends a letter for Pedro to appoint the Viscount of Maracaju (then minister of war) as PM and Pedro would reluctantly accept it later that day. On the afternoon José do Patrocínio refused to allow republicans to commemorate in the Rio de Janeiro city council. During the night Deodoro gets a visit from a messenger sent by some republicans to tell a lie about Pedro II appointing Gaspar da Silveira Martins (a man who stole Fonseca’s lover 40 years ago) for Prime Minister. Deodoro, knowing this makes no sense, he quietly goes to the government palace to talk with the new PM and the Emperor, and is decided that the people behind this messenger should somehow be arrested at least provisionally, in the next day the news gets to republican circles who get furious and start organizing an uprising and so they march in front of the government palace. Deodoro asks for a compromise but the rebels answer that they will not accept any compromises. Then loyal battalions are immediately called to end the rebellion and escort them to prison. (Brazil)

July 7, 1896: James B. Weaver is nominated as William Jennings Bryan's running mate, helping him secure a narrow victory over William McKinley in the 1896 Presidential Election. (United States)

April 21, 1898: William Jennings Bryan refuses to recognize the USS Marine as having been intentionally sunk by the Spanish, preventing the Spanish-American War from beginning until eight years later, in 1906. (Spain)

June 26th, 1907: Ioseb Jughashvili is mortally wounded by a bomb fragment during the Tiflis bank robbery of Erivansky Square. (Soviet Union)

May 19, 1911: Emiliano Zapata revolts against Porfirio Díaz with the support of Mayan rebels in Yucatan. (Chan Santa Cruz)

February 2nd, 1919: Soviet forces fail to neutralize Julius Kuperjanov, leading to his survival and a stronger Estonian victory in the Estonian War of Independence. (Estonia)

May 19th, 1919: The Turkish War of Independence is prevented by the success of the Misak-ı Millî. (Anatolia)

May 27, 1940: The evacuation of Dunkirk is a failure. (Great Britain)

January 3rd, 1941: Noting the relative ambivalence of the Long presidency towards the Pacific War, Isoroku Yamamoto decides against attacking Pearl Harbor on December 7th, instead launching the attack in 1942. (Hawaii)

July 31, 1944: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry never dies in a plane crash. (France)

August 30th, 1945: Bảo Đại does not abdicate from the throne of Vietnam, as Japan is winning the Pacific War. (Vietnam)

March 2nd, 1947: Antoun Saadeh never returns to Lebanon and is never executed. (UAR)

April 9th, 2012: Following a security breach from hacktivists in Kazakhstan, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson is implicated in a corruptions scandal and loses in the 2012 presidential election to Ari Trausti Guðmundsson. (Iceland)