Nobel Prize in Literature

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1967 Bob Dylan

(b. 1943)

United States English "since he has, at his youth, already revolutionized the folk song, rock music, and the album form" poetry, song lyrics
1968 Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

(1900 - 1972)

France French "intensively beautiful control over the French language and the art of children's literature" novel, poetry
2016 Leonard Cohen(1934 - 2016) United States English "for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition" poetry, song lyrics
2019 Thomas Pynchon United States

Future[edit | edit source]

2021 Hadrawi

(b. 1943)

Template:Country data Ethiopian Empire Arabic "for his emotional and romantic poetry illuminating the love and strength of the Somali people" poetry, song
2022 Isabel Allende

(b. 1942)

Template:Country data Inca Empire Spanish "because of her homage to the history of women and perseverance through prose to find good in the world" novel, history, memoir
2023 Cormac McCarthy

(b. 1933)

 United States English "whose unmistakable and powerful voice delved into a vast and endless ocean of darkness and human complexity" novel, drama, screenplay
2024 Haruki Murakami

(b. 1949)

Template:Country data Empire of Japan Japanese "for his melancholic and fatalistic works that reflect on the most subtle and indescribable of human condition" novel, short story, essay, translation
2025 Karl Ove Knausgård

(b. 1958)

Template:Country data Norway Norwegian "mastery of the art of the memoir" novel, memoir
2026 Bảo Ninh

(b. 1952)

Template:Country data Vietnam Vietnamese "for his literary monuments to suffering, unwavering pacifism, and world peace" novel, history, essay, short story
2027 David Foster Wallace

(b. 1941)

 United States English "who transcended the bounds of the postmodern novel to create a sincere, ubiquitous voice utterly unique in all language" novel, short story, essay
2028 Arundhati Roy

(b. 1961)

Template:Country data India English "for her defiant and powerful voice calling to attention the discrimination and struggles of the world's oppressed" novel, screenplay, short story
2029 Andrew Hussie

(b. 1979)

 United States English “for his revolutionary exploration of the internet as a medium of storytelling” webcomic, video game