Nikolai Bukharin

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Nikolai Bukharin
Nikolai Bukharin
Premier of the Soviet Union
In office:

2 Dec. 1938 - 21 Dec. 1941

Preceded by Leon Trotsky
Succeeded by Leon Trotsky
Leader of the Communist Party (Right Faction)

17 Feb. 1933 - 10 July 1948

Preceded by Nadezhda Krupsakya
Succeeded by Martemyan Ryutin
Born 9 Oct. 1888

Moscow, Russian Empire

Died 1 Dec. 1977 (aged 89)

Moscow, RSFSR, Soviet Union

Nationality Russian


Spouse Nadezhda Lukin

Esfir' Gurvich

Anna Larina

Children 2
Alma mater

Moscow University

Occupation Politician
Political Party Communist Party (Right Faction)