List of Political Parties in Brazil

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Current Parties[edit | edit source]

Brazilian Communist Party (Left-Wing to Far-Left)

Democratic Left (Centre-Left to Left-Wing)

Brazilian Labor Party (Centre-Left to Left-Wing)

Green Party (Centre-Left)

Democratic and Social Centre (Centre to Centre-Left)

Christian Democratic Party (Centre to Centre-Right)

Liberal Front (Centre-Right to Right-Wing)

National Democratic Union (Centre-Right to Right-Wing)

Progressive Reform Party (Right-Wing to Far-Right)

Non-Registered Parties[edit | edit source]

Former and historical parties[edit | edit source]

Conservative Party (Centre-Right to Right-Wing)

Liberal Party (Centre)

Liberal Conservative Party (Centre to Right-Wing)

Radical Liberal Party (Centre-Left to Centre-Right)

Integralist Party (Far-Right)

New Socialist Party (Far-Left) [1974-1998]