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Kabu-Chan is a children's animated television series. Set in Rutgers University, it is centered around Kabu-Chan, an anthropomorphic Shiba Inu stuffed animal who poses as a student. Intended to educate children about the intricacies of college life, it deals with themes such as drug use, religion, fraternities and sororities, jobs, and politics.

The first season takes place in Autumn 2022. The second season takes place during the 2023 Rutgers University strike.

Cast[edit | edit source]

Stuffed Animals[edit | edit source]

  • <Placeholder> as Kabu-Chan, a Shiba Inu who poses as the student "Donald Gerald" and majors in veterinary
    • <Placeholder> provides Kabu-Chan's singing voice
  • <Placeholder> as Tiny, a mean-spirted tiger
  • <Placeholder> as Humby, a kind, yellow bear who is a vegetarian
  • <Placeholder> as Cabbage (nicknamed Cabby), an excitable corgi
  • <Placeholder> as Junior, an eagle Squishmallow who Avery calls her son (Season 2)

Humans[edit | edit source]

  • <Placeholder> as Avery Laus Caruana, a Filipino-American freshman who majors in nursing.
  • <Placeholder> as Edoardo Caruana, the father of Avery. Francis previously appeared in the novel First Love / Late Spring as a former member of the Propaganda Due.
  • <Placeholder> as Artemis Shimabukuro, an Okinawan-American freshman who majors in Theology. Artemis previously appeared in the novel First Love / Late Spring.
  • <Placeholder> as Qamar Al-Qarinawi, a Palestinian-American sophomore who majors in Political Science. Qamar previously appeared in the novel First Love / Late Spring.
  • <Placeholder> as Esther Williams, an English major who befriends Kabu-Chan.
  • <Placeholder> as Oscar Gonzalo, an Andean senior majoring in political science who is the parishioner of the Parousian Catholic club
  • <Placeholder> as Ahmed Khalidi, a Palestinian senior majoring in chemistry who is the president of Students for Justice in Azania, an anti-Apartheid student organization.
  • <Placeholder> as Orphea Ngai, a transgender woman from Amherst College who spends a semester to administer the Parousian Catholic club.
  • <Placeholder> as Mr. President, a thinly veiled representation of Jonathan Holloway who opposes the strike