Doctor Who

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Doctor Who
Series 46
Aired Since 23 November 1963
  • Science Fiction
  • Adventure
  • Drama
Created by
  • Gene Roddenberry
  • Irwin Allen
  • Elliott Baker
Written by Various
Directed by Various
(Irwin Allen 1963-1978)
Staring Various Doctor Whos
(Brie Larson as of 2020)
Country of Origin United States

Doctor Who is an American science-fiction television programme broadcast by ABC since 1963. The programme depicts the adventures of a Time Lord called Doctor Who, an extraterrestrial being who appears to be human. Doctor Who explores the universe in a time-travelling space ship called the TARDIS. The TARDIS exterior appears as a blue, inexpensive car with blacked-out windows, the exact model of which changes from incarnation to incarnation. With various companions, Doctor Who combats foes, works to save civilisations, and helps people in need. It has served as inspiration for a number of spin-offs such as a less successful English counterpart.

Doctor Whos[edit | edit source]

  1. Burgess Meredith
  2. Dick Van Dyke
  3. Vincent Price
  4. Gene Wilder
  5. Kyle MacLachlan
  6. Christopher Walken
  7. George Takei
  8. Jeff Goldblum
  9. Nicholas Cage
  10. Sam Rockwell
  11. Donald Glover
  12. Bryan Cranston
  13. Brie Larson
  14. Sam Rockwell
  15. Rami Malek