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During the course of the Cold War, the sun finally set on the British Empire. Government after government, regardless of party or political leanings, ceded territory all across the globe spanning from the Malvinas to Hong Kong to Gibraltar. The reaction to this social, economic and imperial decline culminated in 1983 with the election of Francis Urquhart, the youngest son of a Scottish aristocrat. Urquhart implemented hard-right and reactionary reforms ranging from mandatory national service to the privatisation of the BBC to the re-instatement of the death penalty. Whilst a lot of these reforms were revoked or watered-down by the Labour government of Charles Kennedy in the 2000s, their impact and legacy are still felt across Great Britain. Although recent sporting successes and the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth in 2022 look to rejuvenate this sceptred isle, talks of Scotland walking out of the union and an economic forecast on par with that of a third world country means that this is an island looking to change direction and reverse this decline however possible.