Carlos Lacerda

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Carlos Lacerda
Leader of the Brazilian Communist Party
In office:

31 September 1970 - 31 January 1975

Preceded by: Eric Sachs
Succeeded by: Armando Mazzo
Born: 30 April 1914
Died: 21 May 1977
Nationality: Brazilian
Spouse: Letícia Abruzzini
Alma mater: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Faculty of Law
Occupation: Politician


Political party: Brazilian Communist Party

Carlos Frederico Werneck de Lacerda (30 April 1914 – 21 May 1977) was a Brazilian journalist and politician from the Brazilian Communist Party and a major figure of Trotskyism in Brazil. He became famous due to his opposition against Plínio Salgado and his Integralist Party.

Although Lacerda supported Che Guevara's uprising in Bolivia, as Che's government and ideas were shown to oppose Trotskyism along with Che's expansionist policies were enough to turn Lacerda against Guevara's government. Lacerda became a major critique of Guevara's government and while his positions were radically opposed to other important members of the party, some say his position was vital to the survival of the PCB as a legitimate political force in Brazil during this time. To this day he remains a controversial figure with Brazilian communists.