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Usage[edit source]

{{Infobox football tournament
| name                 = 
| image                = 
| imagesize            = 
| alt                  = 
| caption              = 
| organiser            = 
| title                = 
| founded              = 
| abolished            = 
| region               = 
| number of teams      = 
| qualifier for        = 
| related comps        = 
| domestic cup         = 
| confed cup           = 
| reigning champions   = 
| most successful club = 
| broadcasters         = 
| motto                = 
| website              = 
| current              = 
| American             = 

Parameters[edit source]

All parameters are optional.

  • name (Alias: title): Tournament name; if not given, article title will be used
  • image (Alias: logo): Image or logo related to the tournament; can use image syntax (i.e. [[File:Example.svg|200px]]) or just the filename (i.e. Example.svg)
  • imagesize: Size of the image (only works when image syntax is not used)
  • alt: Specify the alt text for the image
  • caption: Caption for the image
  • organiser (Alias: organisers): Organising body(ies) of the competition
  • founded: Year (or date if available) of founding
  • abolished: Year (or date if available) of abolishing
  • region (Alias: continent): Geographical region of the competition
  • number of teams (Alias: teams): Teams participating in the last competition
  • qualifier for: What the competition acts as a qualifier for
  • related comps: Any related competitions
  • domestic cup: Domestic cup(s)
  • confed cup: International cup(s)
  • reigning champions (Alias: champion): Last winners of the competition
  • most successful club (Alias: most successful team): Most successful club of the competition
  • most appearances: Most appearances in the competition
  • top goalscorer: Most goals in the competition
  • broadcasters: Television broadcasters
  • motto: Any official motto the tournament may have
  • website: URL to the official tournament website
  • current (Alias: current_season): Current season of the competition (should include wikilink if article exists)
  • American: changes "champions" to "champion(s)" and "Organising" to "Organizing"

Example[edit source]

UEFA Champions League
Official logo of the UEFA Champions League
Competition logo
Organising bodyUEFA
Founded1955; 69 years ago (1955)
(rebranded in 1992)
Number of teams32 (group stage)
78 or 79 (total)
Qualifier forFIFA Club World Cup
UEFA Super Cup
Current championsSpain Real Madrid
(11th title)
Most successful club(s)Spain Real Madrid
(11 titles)
Television broadcastersList of broadcasters
MottoUEFA Champions League Anthem
WebsiteOfficial website
2016–17 UEFA Champions League
{{Infobox football tournament
| name                 = UEFA Champions League
| image                = Example.svg
| imagesize            = 150px
| alt                  = Official logo of the UEFA Champions League
| caption              = Competition logo
| organiser            = [[UEFA]]
| founded              = {{Start date and age|df=yes|1955}}<br>(rebranded in 1992)
| region               = Europe
| number of teams      = 32 (group stage)<br>78 or 79 (total)
| qualifier for        = {{nowrap|[[FIFA Club World Cup]]<br>[[UEFA Super Cup]]}}
| reigning champions    = {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Real Madrid CF|Real Madrid]]<br>(11th title)
| most successful club = {{flagicon|ESP}} [[Real Madrid CF|Real Madrid]]<br>(11 titles)
| broadcasters         = [[List of UEFA Champions League broadcasters|List of broadcasters]]
| motto                = [[UEFA Champions League Anthem]]
| website              = {{Official website|http://www.uefa.com/uefachampionsleague/index.html}}
| current              = [[2016–17 UEFA Champions League]]

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