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International Communism, more commonly known as Intercommunism, is a Marxist political ideology that advocates for the creation of communist society by ceding the means of production to a single artificial consciousness. It is commonly described as a synthesis of the philosophical school of Butlerianism with Bolshevism.

Intercommunists advocate for the creation of a single world government where wage slavery and imperialism ceases to exist, although money, markets, and private property is allowed in limited capacity. Intercommunists are unified by their support of the International Communist Party and its leadership by Party Secretary AC, arguing that AC is capable of abolishing capitalism and its harmful effects on the environment and human existence. Intercommunists reject the idea of the nation-state and independent governance, and instead advocate for an international Union of Soviet Socialist Republics that would represent the entirety of humanity. The International USSR would be governed as a one-party state with internal democracy among factions of the ICP, along with national self-determination by the creation of autonomous republics. Although intercommunists are supportive of AC, they generally reject other artificial intelligence as harmful in accordance to Butlerian principles.